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Puppies cane corso

Puppies cane corso

Where to buy a puppy Cane Corso, with a good pedigree, good health and stable state of mind, which in the future will be able to participate and win at shows?
In the kennel Chop Stellar.

Litter «A» 2016Litter 2017 ★ Litter «B» 2018

Litter «B» 2018

10 may 2018

Litter «B»: Cane Myglory Lexus & Vernyj Strazh Bianca - 2 puppies ( 1 males black, 1 femal gray)

Litter «B» Kennel Chop Stellar

Litter «B» 2018: Cane Myglory Lexus (Cane Myglory Washington & Nochnoy Dozor Dauria) & Vernyj Strazh Bianca (Richard Iz Zolotogo Ventsa & Apriori Best Astarta Bella Fortunato) - 2 puppies:

  • Born: 10 may 2018
  • Chop Stellar Baltazar – males, black
  • Chop Stellar Bambarda – femal, gray

 International Veterinary Certificate for Dogs – INCLUDED

 Puppy Card – INCLUDED

Chop Stellar Bambarda

Chop Stellar Bambarda

Chop Stellar Baltazar

Chop Stellar Baltazar

Photo puppies Litter «B» 2018

The second litter from our champions was in May 2018

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Kennel cane corso «Chop Stellar» registered with the FCI

Our kennel has been registered in the International Cynological Federation FCI since 2017.

Information on the official website of the federation in the section Kennel names.